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About Team ΘeoCon

We are a collective of geeks, nerds, enthusiasts, clergy, laity, and just plain down right awesome people who share the love of pop culture and the power of myth as seen in many sacred adventures.

This movement would not be possible, without the support of my team and colleagues. Special thanks to Kathleen Walker, Lauren Grubaugh, Linda Lanam, Mark Jefferson, James McKinney, James Mathes, Ian Markham, Melody Knowles, David Gortner, Audrey Scanlan, Joe Thompson, Shawn Evelyn and Sarah Stonesifer for their affirmation that came in various forms in support of this event.

Meet Team ΘeoCon

Rev. Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams, Advisor, Giver of Hope

Curtis Prather, Advisor, Convention Design Mastermind

Amanda Bourne, “Fandomentals”:Panels and Workshops Coordinator Extraordinaire

Kyle Mackey, Side Quest Rooms/All Day Activities Room Guru, Geek-In-Resident

Brooks Boylan, ΘYP (ΘeoCon Youth Programming) Rooms Mastermind

Valerie Mayo, Administrative and Registration Support Master

Vanessa McCormick, Reception Coordinator

Carissa Riedesel, Idealist and Nerd-In-Resident

Jamia Wright, Gifts and Vendors Guru